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La Alacena de Zafra
Pasweet paprika from La Vera D.O.4 und x250 gr

Paprika means Protected Designation of Origin "Paprika of La Vera", the product obtained by grinding fully red fruits, varieties of the group of "Ocala", Jaranda, Jariza, Jeromín, and the variety Bola
belonging to the botanical species Capsicum annuum longum and Caspsicum collected mature, healthy, clean, with the characteristic color of the variety, free from attacks by pests or diseases, dried oak wood and / or oak, the traditional system of Vera , and originating from the production area ..
Method of production.
It begins with the realization of the seed, from late February to early April to obtain pepper plants, which will be transplanted to the field final from 15 May to 10 June, approximately.
The seating area before getting to the plants, have received adequate preparatory work to enable better implementation of pepper seedlings.
Planting takes place by hand or with the help of mechanical transplanters. After transplanting, be given a thorough watering to ensure proper plant roots.
Once the fruit is ripe, there will be hand-harvesting, and drying will be transported to sites in their own farms, where dehydration takes place by the vertical flow system with lower household, smoke drying.
This system allows a slow drying, soft, very aggressive, getting into a period of 10 to 15 days, the fruits go from a moisture content of 80% to less than 15%. The end product, called shell, have a smoky flavor and aroma and color stability, these characters themselves Verata dehydration system.
The shell is taken for grinding stone grinding mills. Paprika passes the so-called "stones transmit, arranged horizontally. At this time, occasionally, we proceed to the addition of vegetable oil in the maximum rate established. Finally, it was the packaging and labeling.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 05 February, 2011.
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